"It was interesting to find a new approach in learning English with the focus not on your vocabulary but rather on "body language," gestures, intonation, sound."    - Volodymyr
"I really enjoyed playing with volume and speed [in my speech].  I would recommend this class."     - Foundations 1 participant
"So much fun! I learned new exercises to incorporate into what I do and how I teach."       - Elizabeth, ESL Professor, The New School University
"Really helpful.  Noticed a difference in my speech during class."                             - Rainiery Carrasco, Student at Hostos Community College
"I liked the idea of [using] mental imagery combined with sounds and emphasis to enhance communication."       - Neil

Above, NYC actors participate in a storytelling workshop.  Below, Foundations 1 participants share poetic musings.

image1 (1).PNG

Above, high school students work on musicality in speech and share some of their writing.

“The students really enjoyed the intersection of word play, dramatic expression and writing. I could see their confidence growing by the minute. Hoping we can work together again soon.”

     - Alicia Weinstein, ESL Teacher, The Hudson School 

“Being an actor working in a second language, feelings can get ‘lost in translation’ in spite of my English proficiency. Oftentimes my words felt detached from the body and I find my flow of expression better in my mother language. Liz and Katya’s workshop made me understand my creative process better and gave me a useful tool to approach the language through kinesthetic and imaginative exploration of the text.”

     - Gaia Visnar, Actor

“I felt I was given space to notice my inhibitions and blocks without feeling self-conscious about it.  Instead, I was able to enjoy playfully navigating through these sensations and thoughts, which ordinarily might have snowballed into larger tensions.  If I had a class like this when I first came to the States at 16, it would have changed EVERYTHING.”

     - Aya Yamamato, Translator


Storytelling at HB Studio

Storytelling at HB Studio