Beyond Fluency workshops help you go beyond proficiency of the English language to finding your voice and identity as an English speaker. 

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The students really enjoyed the intersection of word play, dramatic expression and writing. I could see their confidence growing by the minute. Hoping we can work together again soon.
— Alicia Weinstein, ESL teacher, The Hudson School, Hoboken NJ
Being an actor working in a second language, feelings can get ‘lost in translation’ in spite of my English proficiency. Oftentimes my words felt detached from the body and I find my flow of expression better in my mother language. Liz and Katya’s workshop made me understand my creative process better and gave me a useful tool to approach the language through kinesthetic and imaginative exploration of the text.
— Gaia Visnar, Actor
I felt I was given space to notice my inhibitions and blocks without feeling self-conscious about it.  Instead, I was able to enjoy playfully navigating through these sensations and thoughts, which ordinarily might have snowballed into larger tensions.  If I had a class like this when I first came to the States at 16, it would have changed EVERYTHING.
— Aya Yamamato, Translator